Courses Evaluation

We constantly assess our courses as to improve our learning method. Besides being useful for us as to improve our methodology, course evaluation is also useful for prospective students seeking to participate in our courses. See below the course evaluation details for our courses:

Course evaluation details for the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (Clinical Trials Course) - 2008

Opinion of previous students to future students - what should you know:


The following question was added in our course evaluation: What would you like to tell future students about this course (that may help them to decide whether they should take or not take this course)?

“I would like to tell them that it will be better if they have more time available to participate during the week on the website and to read all the available material”

“This is the best opportunity to start understanding, in a very proper way, the true meaning of clinical trials and its importance in our clinical practice.”

“This is a very demanding course. You should be prepared to read a lot of material and do some literature search by yourself as well. Do not rely only on the classes and make sure you have a large period to study. It is a unique opportunity to have a deep understanding of clinical research and the faculty is very distinguished”

“Even if you do want to be a full-time researcher, knowing how to read and interpret scientific papers is crucial to practice Medicine properly nowadays.
And to be honest, most of us does not like research very much because we do not know how to do it properly.That said, I see this course as a "life changing experience" for any physician.”

“It needs lots of time, do not do it if you want to spend only time on class. You have to master english spoken language to fully enjoy it. It does not necessarily request (but its better) a previous deep knowledge of the subject –especially if you have time to study during the course. The staff is really good and will do anything to help you, if you dedicate to the course.”

“A future student will profit specially if he/she has experience on research”   

“It helped me to have a good understanding of statistical analysis and acquire know how to write an article to a high impact journal.”